To be the number one provider of Security and Safety Solutions in Nigeria
that will provide a strong platform for further growth across Africa.

To render comprehensive services to local and international companies in 
Nigeria, corporate organisations, foreign services and the international community. 

Specialists in quality control, to ensure consistency and continuous improvement, 
and to maintain professional standards, will maintain this vision through regular 
internal audits. 

We will ensure that: 

#        The management team is equipped with the necessary professional skills to 
      approach and support each contract. 

#        Operational standards will be maintained to provide unequalled service. 

#        A solution-oriented approach is utilised by qualified personnel with maximum 
     competence levels from a wide variety of backgrounds – legal, communications, 
     law-enforcement and security services. This allows us to bring a multi-disciplinary 
     approach to bear on all contracts. 

               THE MISSION 

To provide quality security solutions to clients who want professional standards 
emphasised in risk and crisis management, with each client’s security profile in 
mind. We will provide trained and skilled personnel supported by appropriate 
technology. Training will focus on systems and procedures that create value to 
the system and is an integral part of our client’s security requirements. We are 
also able to reduce risks and promote a safe working environment, through the 
implementation of effective but economically viable solutions. 

                       Security systems and procedures will be designed to satisfy every client’s unique 
                       security and safety needs.

               THE STRUCTURE 

A division with an Area/Country Manager supported by Contract Managers and Supervisors with clearly defined levels of responsibility and overall flexibility. 

Sectional leaders are able to provide an uninterrupted presence on site to manage any crisis situation and give advice. 

This will be achieved by: 

#        The recruitment of qualified personnel with requisite competence levels

#        Professional Training

#        Logistic support and effective communications

#        Quality Assurance

#        Customer care

#        Sound financial control 

A dedicated core team for each contract will be structured according to the security/safety functions specified in an agreement. Personnel will be trained on particular tasks and site instructions will be issued as guideline. 

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